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Okinawa Visa Support Center

Managing the employment of foreigners requires specialized knowledge such as immigration law.

In order not to become illegal without knowing it, the company's Human Resource Department in charge and the Department's Compliance in charge are important.

We, the "Actia Administrative Scrivener Office", offers everything from basic knowledge of immigration law to practical support for obtaining a work visa.


We support your company's employment management for foreigners.

Visa Service

Management Visa

It is obtained by managers and executives when starting a business such as a trading business in Japan. There is an extremely strict screening process.

Specific Skills Visa

This is a new visa status that established in April 2019. This specific working visa allow holders will be permitted to work in a number of fields, such as construction and the food service industry.

Working Visa

This is the most common work visa status. A wide range of jobs such as system engineer, product developer, language instructor, interpreter, etc. are possible to obtain this visa.

Japanese Spouse Visa

You can work without restrictions just like Japanese people.



Overview of Business Management Visa

Immigration Law Regulations

Activities of managing a trade or other business in this country, or engaging in the management of such business. Examples of applicable activities are management or administration of companies, etc.

This status of residence is granted to those who establish a business establishment in Japan and engage in business management and administration. This visa only allows for activities as a manager, and does not allow for simple or on-site work. If such work is necessary, an employee must be hired.

The businesses that can be conducted

You are allowed to engage in a wide range of businesses. However, some businesses regulated by Japanese law are not allowed.


Examples of allowed business activities
・Trading business,

・System Development business

・Product wholesale or retail business
・Management Consulting business



・Event business
・IT Business

・Marine Leisure business

・and etc.

Application Flow


Initial consultation (available online)

First, we will conduct an interview. We will guide you through the requirements and necessary documents. We will also interview you about what kind of business you intend to conduct in Japan.



If you appoint us to apply the visa, we will conclude a contract with you. We will send you a contract and ask you to sign it.


Payment of necessary expenses

Many legal fees are required to establish a company. After we received the necessary payment, we will start the work.


Payment of Company Capital


Payment of capital shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the Japanese Companies Act.


Establish and Notification of Company  


Our network allows us to provide a one-stop service of establishing the company.

The Articles of the Incorporation will be prepared and notarized. It will then registered at the Legal Affairs Bureau. The registration is conducted by a judicial scrivener affiliated with us. After that, a notification of business commencement will be submitted to the public offices, which our affiliated tax accountant will file the application.


Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence  

Administrative scrivener will apply for the issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility. The applicant does not need be in Japan to apply for a visa. (Standard examination period is about 2 to 3 months)


Engineer, Humanities, International Services Visa

Immigration Law Regulations

Activities to engage in work based on a contract with a public or private organization in Japan, that requires technology or knowledge in the fields of science, engineering, or other natural sciences, or in the humanities areas such as law, economics, or sociology, or work that requires thought or sensitivity based on a foreign culture.



This category is for university or vocational school graduates and those with about 10 years of work experience, who work in jobs that are related to their education and experience.


Examples of occupations

IT engineers such as system engineers and software developers

Financial institution staff

Trade or international liaison, Hotel receptionist

Translator, Interpreter, Language instructor


Specific skills visa


This is a new status of residence that established in April 2019. Employment is permitted in 14 industries where there are serious shortages of labor, such as the restaurant industry and the construction industry, and it is provided in two stages.


Specified Technical Skill No. 1 is that, for those who have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the skills test for their desired occupation, and have signed an employment contract with a business organization that meets the standards of the specified skills, they can apply for certification of status of residence. Those who have completed the technical internship are exempt from the examination. The period of stay is up to a total of 5 years, and family members are not allowed to accompany the trainee.


Specified Technical Skill No. 2 is granted to those who have passed a more advanced examination and possess a skillful skill. It can be renewed every one to three years, with no limit on the number of times it can be renewed. Family members are allowed to accompany the applicant.

Specified Skill No. 2 is recognized by those who have passed more advanced tests and possess a skillful skill. The target occupations are limited to the construction industry and the shipbuilding / ship industry. It can be renewed every 1 to 3 years, and there is no limit to the number of renewals. Family members are allowed to accompany the applicant.


The 14 industries that allow the Specific Skilled Visa

(1) Construction           (2) Shipbuilding/marine industry

(3) Automobile maintenance (4) Aviation

(5) Accommodation     (6) Nursing care

(7) Building cleaning    (8) Agriculture

(9) Fishing                   (10) Food and beverage manufacturing

(11) Food service        (12) Materials industry

(13) Industrial machinery manufacturing

(14) Electrical, electronics and information-related industries


Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals

Immigration Law Regulation


Spouse or specially adopted child of Japanese national or born as a child of Japanese national



For foreigners who are married to a Japanese national, who were born as a child of a Japanese national, or who were adopted by a Japanese national, this status of residence is required for them to stay in Japan. There are no restrictions on employment, and they can work in the same manner as Japanese nationals.

The fact of marriage alone is not enough for unconditional recognition. Objective data on the circumstances leading up to the marriage and the facts of the relationship are also required. Permission will be granted after investigation.

For foreigners who already have a status of residence that allows them to work, there is no obligation to change their status of residence to "Spouse or Child of Japanese National" upon marriage to a Japanese national. However, it is easier to be approved for a permanent residence permit than for other work-related statuses.

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